Safety Equipment: Its Role in Industry, Public Safety and Sport

Protective gear is something that can be used to describe a variety of items, worn by numerous people in a multitude of situations. It is something seen on fire fighters, auto mechanics and even athletes. While it may come in an endless amount of styles, its purpose is the same. It exists to protect the health, sometimes the life, of the person who is wearing the gear.

First responders can be suddenly thrown into any number of hazardous situations. Fires, chemical spills and even biohazards are all possible. In order to get a dangerous event under control they have to be able to be in the middle of the action and focused on the problem. This requires them to have the correct safety equipment for every situation. This gear is a necessity for saving lives. Not only the lives of the responders themselves, but all of the people they are able to assist as well.

Personal protective equipment is a category of gear that refers to a number of different pieces of clothing and accessories. This includes the basic items like goggles, gloves and hardhats, but it can also mean head-to-toe suits and face shields. Footwear like rubber boots or steel-toed work boots are also in this category.

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What is needed for used forklifts will obviously depend on what type of situation people will be exposed to during the course of their work. For fire departments it will be necessary for all types of protective items to be kept in their inventory, likewise for maintenance crews in industrial settings.

Respirators are another type of gear that cannot be forgotten. These are used regularly by all first responders, particularly while they are assessing a scene. Enough of these need to be within reach during an emergency situation that rescuers can be protected and able to do their job.

Protective equipment should also be available to anyone who works on a hazardous job site. Industrial settings, construction sites, automotive repair facilities are some examples, but not necessarily all. Having the safety gear available to prevent accidents is often required by law and will affect insurance costs.

Athletes in every sport have their own requirements for gear. Special footwear, mouth guards, shin guards and helmets are all examples. Even a simple cap can be considered part of this inventory.

Whatever the need, protective equipment saves lives and protects from injuries every day. In order for this gear to work it has to be kept in perfect condition and used appropriately. Anyone in a leadership position should always ensure that those they are responsible for understand the importance of the gear supplied to them and know how to use it properly.


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